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Dreams Living

Daring to Dream..

Dreams Living was founded in 2014 with just two employees. Over the past few years, Dreams Living has expanded rapidly, now with over 100 employees and warehouses measuring at 110,000sq feet.


With a continuous growth and re-investment strategy Dreams Living have benefited greatly with offices in the UK & China, together with plans to expand into the EU, North America and the rest of the world and investment from the East; Dreams are becoming a serious player in the world stage


Dreams Living takes great pride and privilege in changing lives for the better. Taking control and making a change with our power of social responsibility, (we plan to gradually increase employment rates in China and the UK) working closely with those in need in China, we’ve taken on board those less unfortunate as we dream to offer stability and well-being.

By taking one step at a time we can see a positive outcome within our our business divisions, management and employees, creating a safe and welcoming working environment for all.


With great determination, we’re proud to announce a Good Homes Magazine award for being in the top 10 furniture businesses suppling outdoor rattan furniture to the UK.