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Rattan Garden Furniture..

Manufactured in China and imported to the UK by sea, Yakoe represents the best in Garden furniture at an affordable price. The range is constantly updated with new designs and sets becoming avialable constantly.


Once shipped, all Yakoe furniture is stored at the Dreams Living distribution hub based just outside of Birmingham within a 110,000 SQ.ft warehouse. All furniture can be viewed on premise at the Dreams Showroom. Design is winning awards for Yakoe, recently rated amongst the top 10 rattan furniture brands in the UK.


Yakoe manufactures a number of different furniture ranges comprising: Monaco, Papaver and Eton. The Rattan is woven around an aluminium frame providing strength and stability, each frame offers different styles, depending on which rattan is used they are ideal for various designs.

Yakoe is also available through apps on Google Play and the Apple App store:
Website: www.yakoe.co.uk/
Facebook: Yakoefurniture/
Twitter: Yakoe

Each piece of Rattan furniture follows a strict specification, with quality control measures in place and stock management on export and import into the UK. each piece of Yakoe furniture is tracked from its birth through to purchase.


Yakoe’s ranges are available in various sets such as bistro, loungers, dining and tables & chairs. These are sold in the UK through Dreams Outdoors, Furniture Maxi and other UK retailers. Sales of Yakoe furniture are good with around 290,000 UK searches online for Yakoe brand products.